I Caught You Thinking About THIS Again!

Craving Cock is a frequent distraction for the Sissy
But craving substancial man meat need not become a burden.

A Flirtatious Sissy is a Successful Sissy
A sissy must learn to flirt if she wants those elusive cocks to seek her blow-jobs. Mistress Lisa to the rescue! New sissy flirtation assignments comming your way soon!

Got A Bad Case of Sissy Blues? I'll get butterflies back in your world and you'll feel all better!

Sometimes a sissy can feel all alone, like there's no one in the world she can talk to who understands.
Talking to a real, lifestyle Mistress about your real feelings is an important step in the process of bloosming as a sissy-girl.

When you need to talk, it is time to call Mistress Lisa!
Phone Training and Sissy Therapy

Sissy Deportment Classes Begin Soon!

Work on those core skills every sissy needs, and every Mistress wants!
We will be covering proper dress, feminized walking/sitting/standing, female speech, female handwriting, female interests, and of course, serving Dominant Woman.

Assignments may seem difficult or embarrassing, but they are all required to make you a better sissy!

Mistress Lisa is The Sissy Humiliator

My New Blog
I don't really have any particular goal for the blog, just my random thoughts.

Since my latest series of MP3s is on hypnosis, I'll discuss some of the things I am hoping my sissies achieve.
Hypnosis is such a powerful way of changing how a person thinks 24/7.

Future Plans

Introducing Mistress Lisa's The Sissy Shop & Sissy Cafe!
Ever gotten frustrated trying to locate girlie things in your size? The Sissy Shop May Just Be The Asnswer To Your Sissy Dreams!

Sissy Cafe
Just a nice chat room where Mistresses and the sissies who love them can meet, chat, and laugh.